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The A Show is a bi-weekly podcast airing at 9 AM EST every other Monday, starring pro wrestling referees Matt Deuerlein and Chris Decker along with a special guest every episode. They choose a promotion and a year, and draft a roster using the available talent in an attempt to book the best card with their resources. Voting for the best card can be done on The A Show’s official Twitter page.

Intro/Outro Music: “The Wild Song” by Ark Royal, used with permission of the band, copyright-free.


Episode 1: 1995 ECW (December 14, 2020)
Welcome to the debut episode of The A Show! To kick things off, Chris and Matt welcome Joe Sposto (At Odds With Wrestling podcast, Longbox Heroes podcast, commentator for AIW, former commentator for Chikara, Evolve, Dragon Gate USA, GCW) to the program as the three of them draft wrestlers from 1995 ECW and try to outdo each other by building the best card! You, the listeners of the podcast, can vote for the best card on the CKCC Facebook page!

Episode 2: WWF 2001 (December 28, 2020)
On this episode of The A Show, Chris and Matt are joined by Peter DeLonge (GSW, True Wrestling) and George Gatton (CZW, ISW, 2CW, Xcite Wrestling, WrestleCircus), and together. they draft 2001 WWF! 

Episode 3: WCW 1992 (January 11, 2021)
Welcome to another episode of The A Show! On this episode, The Dooge (Wednesday Night War Podcast) joins the show and has selected a great year and promotion – WCW 1992! Make sure to go to our new Twitter page – @TheAShowonCKCC – to vote for your favorite card after you listen!

Episode 4: WWE 2005 (January 25, 2021)
Decker and Matt are back for Episode 4 of The A Show! Joining us this week is CKCC Radio founder Chris O’Mealy, who selected WWE 2005 as our draft topic. Matt and O’Mealy have some good stuff planned, but can they overcome the Great Balls of Maven? Make sure to vote after you listen at @TheAShowonCKCC on Twitter for your favorite card!

Episode 5: 1998 WCW (February 8, 2021)
The A Show is back! On Episode 5, NJ indie wrestling standouts The Stepdads join Chris and Matt, and together they try to out-do each other in drafting and building cards from 1998 WCW! Will Chris or Matt finally win one, or will Wade Krueger or Radley Belmont take home this week’s victory? Let us know by choosing your favorite card on Twitter – @TheAShowonCKCC!

Episode 6: Open Roster Grand Prix (February 22, 2021)
The A Show is back, and we’re taking a different approach on this episode. Episode 6 has no roster restrictions as the Deckers take on the Deuerleins in the Open Roster Grand Prix! Which married couple will pick up the win?

Episode 7: 1989 NWA/WCW (March 8, 2021)
Chris and Matt are back to their regular format, and this week they are joined by Jason D’Agostino from the Not Another Sports Podcast! On Episode 7. the subject is 1989 NWA/WCW – listen in as the guys struggle through the later rounds, create a new rule, and Decker tries his best to phonetically spell Zbyszko. Don’t forget to go to our Twitter after you listen to vote for your favorite card – @TheAShowonCKCC!

Episode 8: 1995 WWF (March 22, 2021)
The A Show returns with two of our friends from the Soon To Be Named Network joining the show! Listen as Tim Taylor (Final Wrestling Place PodcastViewer’s Choice Podcast) and Adam Van (At Odds With Wrestling Podcast) stop by to draft 1995 WWF with us. Who has the best card? Go to @TheAShowOnCKCC on Twitter to place your vote after you listen!


Episode 1: 1998 ECW (April 5, 2021)
Season 2 of The A Show begins now! Matt and Chris are joined by their Camp Evers stablemates, AJ Evers and Irish Kev Spencer! Together, they draft from 1998 ECW and put together some…uhh..interesting cards. Vote for which one you think is best on our Twitter, @TheAShowonCKCC!

Tournament of Champions Quarterfinals: (1) Joe Sposto vs (8) Radley Belmont (April 12, 2021)
The A Show’s Season 1 Tournament of Champions begins now! This week, Top seed Joe Sposto takes on the 8 seed, the Rad Dad, Radley Belmont! The two draft from 1995’s deep WCW roster. Who do you think should move onto the semifinals? To go @TheAShowOnCKCC and vote!

Tournament of Champions Quarterfinals: (2) The Dooge vs (7) Wade Krueger (April 19, 2021)
The Tournament of Champions rolls on with what may be the biggest challenge in the entire bracket – 2000 CZW! The Dooge (We Need Wrestling Podcast) and Wade Krueger (The Stepdads) are up to the task, though – check it out, then go to our Twitter to vote on who advances to the semifinals!

Tournament of Champions Quarterfinals: (4) Adam Van vs (5) Jason D’Agostino (April 26, 2021)
The third match in the quarterfinal round of the Tournament of Champions is live! Adam Van (At Odds With Wrestling, Porch Talk, both on Soon To Be Named Network) takes on Jason D’Agostino (Not Another Sports Podcast), and the two book cards from the not-quite-glory days of ECW, 1993! Make sure to go to our Twitter to vote after you’ve listened and help decide who moves on to the semifinals!

Tournament of Champions Quarterfinals: (3) Chris O’Mealy vs (6) George Gatton (May 3, 2021)
The last quarterfinal matchup of the Tournament of Champions is here! Who creates the better 1985 WWF card – CKCC Radio’s own Chris O’Mealy, or the ISW Falls Count Everywhere Champion, George Gatton? Make sure you go to our Twitter to vote after you listen!

Tournament of Champions Semifinals – (1) Joe Sposto vs (4) Adam Van (May 10, 2021)
The Soon To Be Named Network Megapowers EXPLODE! Joe Sposto and Adam Van, both from At Odds With Wrestling, square off in our first semifinal, drafting 2010 WWE! See who has a complete card, and who may have bitten off more than they can chew. After that, go to our Twitter and vote for one of the two to go to the finals!

Tournament of Champions Semifinals – (2) The Dooge vs (6) George Gatton (May 18, 2021)
Who will face #1 seed Joe Sposto in the finals of the Tournament of Champions? You will decide as The Dooge (We Need Wrestling Podcast) takes on Inter Species Wrestling Falls Count Everywhere Champion George Gatton in our second semifinal contest! Go to our Twitter after listening and decide who drafted and built the best 2002 TNA card!

Tournament of Champions Finals – (1) Joe Sposto vs 6 (George Gatton) (June 7, 2021)
Joe Sposto. George Gatton. All Elite Wrestling. One draft to determine our Season 1 champion. After you listen, head to our Twitter to vote!

Episode 2: 1994 WCW with the Boar! (June 21, 2021)
The Season 1 Tournament of Champions has concluded, so we’re back to our regularly-scheduled programming as Matt, Chris, and special guest The Boar draft from the roster of 1994 WCW! As always, head to our Twitter after you listen and vote for who you believe is the winner! 

Episode 3: 1989 WWF with Joey Image (July 5, 2021)
We’re back with another big episode! This week, Joey Image joins Matt and Chris to draft and build cards from 1989 WWF! Give it a listen and then vote for who you think had the best card on our Twitter!

Episode 4: 2007 TNA with Mike Skyros (August 23, 2021)
We’re back! Decker is settled in the south and Season 2 can now resume. This week, Syracuse’s “Midnight Son” joins the show to draft 2007 TNA! What cards did we come up with, and did Skyros need extra time to put his show together? Tune in and find out, then go to our Twitter to vote for the card you feel is best!

Episode 5: 1997 WWF with Ed from Pod Van Dam (September 6, 2021)
This week, Ed Kody from the critically-acknowledged Pod Van Dam joins us to draft from 1997 WWF! It’s exactly what you’d expect, and then some. Plus, a bonus Warped Tour draft! Once you listen, head to our Twitter  to vote for the card that you think should win the episode!

Episode 6: The Feud of the Summer (and Brett) – 2000 WCW (September 20, 2021)
The time for talking is done. Who will win the podcast feud of the summer? Will Adam (At Odds With Wrestling) go 2-0, or will Tim (Final Wrestling Place) even the score? Or will Brett (We Need Wrestling) sneak in and take the victory? Tune in then vote on our Twitter!

Episode 7: 2010 ROH with David Kincannon (October 4, 2021)
David Kincannon (Hit My Music) knows his music, but does he know his wrestling? The Jinglemeister joins us this week as the subject is 2010 ROH! As Always, head to our Twitter after you listen to tell us who you think had the best card!

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